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Stormy Weather...

Ehh, it feels like it's been raining here for WEEKS, even though it's only been about three days. Each time that I try to get on the Internet, it's seems to begin to thunder. I've been trying to work on fixing some of my guides I edit on http://tv.com and http://www.tvrage.com, but each time I hear the thunder begin to roll. I wonder if this is God's way of saying that I use the computer a tad too much?

So right now, I'm watching the Miss USA pageant. Seriously, this show has gotten substainially worse each time I watch it. I mean there used to be a time when all 51 contestants got to have their names said on the air, but now it's been reduced to showing the contestants pictures instead with Nancy O'Dell doing voiceovers for the names of the states they represent. Plus, I'm being forced to suffer through Mini-Lachey aka Drew Lachey "hosting" the show. This is what my Friday nights have been reduced to?